Of museum and food

When a mile long queue in front of a museum spoils your plan to see an exhibiton on a Saturday morning (I should know better) the best alternative is to go to La Grande Epicerie de Paris, a huge part of Paris' oldest department store, Le Bon Marche, dedicated to food. Don't get me wrong, this is no ordinary supermarket. It's a place for food lovers that is worth visiting. Rather expensive comparing to other supermarket chains in town. However, in La Grande Epicerie you can find extensive list of food brands, beverages and delicacies. There is a bakery corner, wine section and a couple of stands offering food pour emporter, colourful selection of candies, spices, olives... all carefully displayed and decorated like it should be in an epicerie of this kind.
So this Saturday I used the opportunity to search for a delicacy I long wanted to try ever since I saw it last Christmas: a traditional English Christmas pudding.

Traditionally made with raisins, orange jam, mix of spices, cider and cognac.. A strong smell of alcohol coming from the owen when it was heating up scared me it's gonna taste like baba au rhum, leaving me dissapointed again.

The taste was not bad, but I'd rather stick to other sorts of "puddings" or flans. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to another visit to La Grand Epicerie.