Mornings are my favourite part of the day. The feeling of new begginings, when the sky is pale blue and the air is fresh... Mornings in Paris are beautiful, or at least I imagine them beautiful. Most of the time they are stressful, for example when you're late to work and you miss that metro for a second, next one coming in three minutes - an eternity (I consider myself spoiled by the efficiency of the traffic here) ! But when you take a vacation you expect your morning to be perfect. I usually imagine my mornings calm, having a long breakfast, reading newspapers (emphasis on the papers) or maybe paying a visit to a nearby market or sitting in a sunny spot somewhere on the Rive Gauche watching people passing by.

I planned my vacation for days in advance, imagining how my perfect mornings will look like, only to find them more stressful than usual. I set my alarm clock at eight, wake up at nine and immediately start to panic thinking how I already missed half of the day. I frantically scan my to do list ending up doing nothing from it. 
Despite that, mornings in Paris are beautiful. No matter if they start at 8 or 11, if you drink your first coffee at noon or have mille-feuille at 9 on an empty stomach (which I would never do except in Paris). 
My vacation is now over and I'm back to the morning traffic stress. I'm starting to think I might as well take a mille-feuille on my way to work tomorrow. Why limit the perfect mornings only to weekends and vacations. After all, I am in Paris.