Alsace in Paris

Couple of weeks ago I was stroling around one of the bussiest open markets in Paris, the popular Marche d'Aligre (12th) when I stumbled upon the most adorable shop window in the neigbourhood. 
The owner was warm and welcoming and as soon as she heard my bad pronunciation she asked where was I from. Surprisingly, she knew some croatian words for, as she said, one of her customers is Croatian. I immediately liked the place even more and started chit-chatting with the lady.
The atmosphere of the shop with its low lights and decorations reminds of Christmas time and for a moment there I wished my room was decorated in the same way, despite the pots of foie gras displayed all around.
 I am always admiring french taste for decoration of shops and store windows.
It seems like not only a good iniciative for attracting customers but also a way of showing you care about the things you offer.
According to the owner of this little shop, all the stores in Alsace region look like this one, especially for Christmas when the decoration reaches its maximum. I took a few photos of the shop and bought an alsatian hand made jar of mustard. 

I was offered a homemade traditional alsatian flammekueche but being on my way for a picnic in a parc, I decided to leave it for some other time. 
Le Garde-Manger, 17 rue d'Aligre, Paris 12รจme