Let's do it american way

I usually don't eat burgers. Don't really have a proper reason why. If in a hurry or hungry on the street without knowing when I'll be able to eat again that day, I go for a falafel or a fresh sandwich from the nearest bakery. But I couldn't avoid noticing an increasing mania for burgers in Paris, especially since the arrival of Camion qui fume
 Near Place St.Michele is a little place called HD Diner (they are actually all over the city) with an interior in the fifties style, serving burgers, fries and other more or less known north american food. I went there for milk shakes. Oh that shakes. Strawberry-chocolate flavour for me, please. Once I even decided to give it a try and had dinner there. I was more or less disappointed. Instead of the so called little italy burger with vegetables, I was served breaded fish fillet and to be honest, it would be better (and cheaper) to buy a frozen one in Carrefour market. In the end, I hadn't tried their burgers, maybe these are somewhat better.  

Now, if you are really craving for american food or simply junk food, you can try a diner which is a bit off the beaten path, yet not that far away from the touristy area - Breakfast in America. After reading all the reviews I went there with high hopes and in the end had a relatively good meal.
As you might imagine I didn't go for a burger, but instead had a great california chicken wrap and my company said the burgers were great (though I would have like my frites had been fried a bit better).

Since desserts have become a normal part of my meal I ordered savory american pancakes, both plain and with blueberries, ended up being fairly disappointed. The middle was raw.  The blueberries were probably too moist and the pancakes baked too quickly, leaving part of the inner mass a bit sticky and undone. They looked pretty good however, but that was the only positive side to my disappointment.

Would I recommed the place ? If you want a good burger, quick service and funky american ambient, in a less touristy area, give it a try.
Let me know about the pancakes if you dare to try !

17, rue des Ecoles
75005 Paris