Being in Paris in mid-july is a story for a thousand pages. It's another Paris you encounter. Not the romantic, grey Paris but the one in its full glory, bright, sparkling under the warm sun, with rivers of tourists strolling around it's long boulevards or tiny streets, sipping cold drinks instead of inevitable café crème and eating tons of gelatos.
It's time to sit down on the sunlit terrase with cold rosé on the table or taking an afternoon chocolate cake eating it directly from the white wrapping paper.  
Take every parisians must accessoire - a picnic basket that you will pack with baguette, wine, cheese and a dessert, ready to spend a warm evening in the park (remember - sun goes down late here !).
Later, when the basket is empty and only bottles of wine are left it's time to change your location to the wooden Pont des Arts or head somewhere along the quais of the Seine. 
 As for myself, I will be in another place, sunbathing and swimming in crystal clear waters of the Croatian coast. Enjoy your vacation wherever you are!