Croatian summer story, part III

Riba na gradele or fish grilled on the framed metal bars over charcoal or wood is a favourite way of preparing fish in Dalmatia in the summer.

There's nothing better than the smell of grilled fish, always evoking memories from my summer vacations at the seaside. We always did barbeque for lunch and I remember helping my grandfather to prepare the fire. In the evening, when i would be coming home from the beach, almost every house barbequed and the village was covered with its sweet smell. It is a smell of home and the sea.

We usually prepare fish this way several times during summer days. But we do not limit ourselves only to fish. Almost anything can be grilled on the hot bars - meat, chopped vegetables on a stick, bread..

Traditionally, fish is cleaned (the head is left on the fish) and placed on the hot bars. While it's being baked it's sprinkled with olive oil using a rosemary branch.

After the fish is baked, we put it on a long plate, pour some olive oil over it, add chopped garlic and persley and serve with a glass of homemade red wine.