Merci for the Scones

Inside a charming concept store called Merci located in the 3rd arrondissement you will find Used books café. A place that has become one of my favorites in the city.

The atmosphere is cozy and private, unlike in most other cafés where you literally sit shoulder to shoulder with your neighbour. The service is especially warm and welcoming though if you come on saturday during rush hour you'll probably have to wait 10 minutes for the table. Be sure not to give up so quickly - it's one of the rare café's that's worth waiting for a table. One of the things that add even more charm to the place are the walls covered from top to bottom with used books. You can browse through the books there while sipping hot cacao or even buy one! It makes me think of those endless times when i've found myself alone in the city wanting to sit down for a drink before going home but always thinking i'd be bored. I know where i'll head up next time. At least i'll have a book at hand. This café is definitely my favourite pick for the winer months so be sure to check it out and try their delicious scones!